The Articulations happenings bring together researchers, designers and artists who are interested in the question of how virtual reality technologies can support the dynamics of creative interactions in a variety domains. A production of ArTeC ENSAD Spatial Media Lab & the Joint Improvisation Lab (CNRS), Paris.

Developing 2-person interactive VIVE-based environments for improvisational engagement. Video reflection experiments for identifying salient features of improvisation and articulating them in words, experience, reproducible scores, and bio-measures. Advancing the use of multiple types of sensors together.

At the Articulations Project meeting outside Paris that Joe participated in, he got to try a two-person VIVE virtual reality setup in which each participant sees themselves and the other as three balls (one where each hand is, and one for the head). This is very reduced interactive environment precisely in order to have a simple set of things to track. One question being asked in Paris was how to create games/scores/setups where the interaction is interesting.