Virtual Reality Moving – VRUI-VIVE

Here’s a tiny hint of the VR: Oliver’s system has a nice trick where you also project the VIVE world onto a screen (or wall) so that from one perspective you see the person in the world (yet in front of the screen). Makes talking about interactions very interesting! Here are a some videos of one person, two persons, particle physics, and basic interaction (badly shot as we were still getting things to work not making a demo). But you can see in the joint one the ability to create, connect, and move objects, including throwing them. Also you can grab the whole space and change its size. 

Some questions: one person can lead and the other follow, though it often happens that at a certain point, each thinks the other is leading. What is this neither-leading-nor-following? Can it be induced, and does it look different than active leading and active following? We are exploring timed turn-taking in leading and following, comparing this to studies of musicians.

VRUI NanotechConstructionKit using 2 VIVEs. Playing with “string”.
taking turns switching the “leader” role on regular beat. we were trying sitting to minimize motion.
same turn switching with two virtual strings.
free play and periods of rest
exploring with scale and movement with virtual atoms

Constructing a buckeyball

Testing out the particle engine