GILLabS People

We are whoever shows up. We usually meet Thursdays 12-3pm and Fridays 12-4pm but check the schedule to see the actual meeting time each week. Here is a current list of people from UC Davis who have come to lab meetings or indicated they are interested in it:

Joe Dumit, Colin Milburn, Thomas Burmester, Isa Leal, Kevin Dockery, John Zibell, Rosemary Hannon, Kevin O’Connor, Kris Fallon, Oliver Kreylos, Heather Nolan, Gina Bloom, Mike Chin, Michael Neff, Paulina Gonzalez-Gomez, Ariadna Venegas-Li, Evan Buswell, Tory Brykalski,

Other people that are interested in the lab from outside of UC Davis but in the Bay Area:

Other people who are interested in the lab from outside of Bay Area: Asaf Bachrach (CNRS, Paris, France), Andreas Roepstorff (IMC, Aarhus, Denmark)

Eventually each person will have their own page!