Group Juggling

Tom Burmester offered “group juggling” that he has used for years to create group togetherness among undergrads in theater settings (see video above), and because the intensity of passing many balls around between people at the same seems to make it very experientially clear when one is in “flow” (attending almost exclusively to the passing) and when one drops out of flow. On 4/12/19 he brought a bunch of juggling bean bags and five us experimented with various iterations of this. We are interested in how to measure the movement of the balls, how people are experiencing it, and how we are behaving physiologically.

Flow – challenge & skill – something that engages you fully. Timing and watching things fast. Losing sense of time = stop paying attention to time. Fully invested attention. Intrinsic rewards toward learning.
Tom working with undergrads theatre games for 6 qtrs. To find flow. “Group juggle.” Throwing little bean bags between people. Patterns. Phases of talking/joking/dropping, then quiet, concentration,