Spatial Media Lab

EnsadLab research group in the new ArTeC Paris, dedicated to the study and development of artistic practices in digital spaces, especially: Embodiment and co-presence: immersion, sharing, empathy; The spatialization of information; Spatial mediation: Design of experience, storytelling. The Spatial Media Lab works on identifying practices, understanding perceptive and cognitive processes, experimenting with and developing uses and technologies, and studying the aesthetic and sociological implications of these forms of mediation like Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Media.

We develop an “arts and sciences” research associating artistic creations and scientific research around the following themes:

– Embodiment and co-presence: immersion, sharing, empathy.
How does our physical body form part of our virtual representation? What are the perceptual and cognitive processes involved in a situation of immersion and sharing of actions, emotions or information between several co-present users?

– The spatialization of information: the Ars Memoriae, the serendipity.
How does the spatial organization of information propose new forms of sensitive interactions that facilitate access, storage and manipulation of large amounts of information?

– Spatial mediation: Design of experience, storytelling.
How to design new forms of sensitive mediation in digital spaces, shared virtual environments, according to which usage scenarios, which technological mediations?

Our projects bring together multidisciplinary teams in the fields of arts and creation, digital humanities, cognitive and social sciences and digital technologies.

Another project is a two-person VIVE virtual reality setup in which each participant sees themselves and the other as three balls (one where each hand is, and one for the head). This is very reduced interactive environment precisely in order to have a simple set of things to track. The question being asked in Paris was how to create games/scores/setups where the interaction is interesting.